President of the Senate

Hon. Mamonaheng Mokitimi
President presides at any sitting of the Senate and in his/her absence the Vice President shall preside. Whenever the Senate resolves itself into a committee of the whole Senate the President or Vice President as the case may be, shall leave the Chair of the Senate and sit at the Clerk’s Table at the right of the Clerk and act as Chairperson of the committee. When the Senate resumes, the President or the Vice President shall return to the chair of the Senate


Honourable Mamonaheng MOKITIMI

The President of the Senate of the Kingdom of Lesotho

Honourable Mamonaheng Mokitimi is the first female President of the Senate of the Kingdom of Lesotho. She was also the first female elected in 2012, to the position of the Vice President of the Senate of the Kingdom of Lesotho where she served until 2015.She first joined the Parliament of Lesotho in 1999 as the Principal Interpreter and was later promoted to the position of Clerk Assistant until she resigned in 2012. As a Clerk Assistant, she was also an HIV/AIDS coordinator in the Senate. She initiated HIV/AIDS programmes, which became very successful at reducing rampant HIV/AIDS-related deaths not only at the work place but in the country at large in partnership with Principal Chiefs. Prior to joining Parliament, Honourable Mokitimi worked as an Accountant Clerk at Security Unlimited Company and a teacher at the Methodist High School in Lesotho.

Honourable Mokitimi holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and Postgraduate Certificate in Education from the National University of Lesotho (1996 and 1997 respectively) and a Diploma in Business Studies (1992) from Commercial Training Institute. She is pursuing her Master’s degree in Development Studies with the University of the Free State.

She is a businesswoman specializing in commercial farming and also a director and a shareholder in a family business (TRHM Group).

Honourable Mokitimi was born in 1970 at Morija in Maseru district, Lesotho. She is a twin and the last born in the family of five (5) children to Mr. and Mrs. Buti. She is married with two children, a girl and a boy. She is an outgoing person who enjoys music and cooking during her spare time.