Clerk to the Senate

The Clerk is responsible for keeping the minutes of the proceedings of the Senate and of Committees of the Senate. The minutes of proceedings shall record the names Senators attending, all decisions taken and details of every division held

The Clerk is responsible for submitting the minutes of proceedings of each sitting to the President for the President’s signature and shall then circulate copies to Senators before the commencement of the next sitting.

The Clerk is responsible for publishing future business of the ATC. The ATC shall be open for inspection by Senators at all reasonable hours.

The Clerk is responsible for preparing for each sitting an Order Paper showing the business of the day.

The Clerk is responsible for the custody of the votes, records, bills and other documents laid before the Senate, which are open for inspection by Senators of the Senate, and other persons, under arrangements approved by the President.

The Clerk, acting under the directions of the President, is responsible for the production of an official report of all speeches made in the Senate and in committee of the whole Senate.

The Clerk is responsible for providing every committee of the Senate with a Clerk and with a recorder whenever the committee has requested to take oral evidence.

The Clerk and officials from the Clerk’s department shall perform further duties under standing orders, and all other duties in the service of the Senate ordered by the Senate or directed by the President.

Senate Departments:

Internal Audit
Human Resource
Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod
Public relations